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About Heather

I started showing dogs quite early in life, initially with my Pembroke Corgi SPATS of SHANDON, and then with a Scottish Terrier, who I also taught obedience and agility. In those days, I did a music routine with him, put all his tricks together and became an entertainer.

When I first married, I was able to choose my own breed; I fell under the spell of English Setters and bought a puppy of sound parentage (SUNTOP/OLDHOLBANS lines) from a local breeder.

Forty years on, I'm an International judge and English Setter specialist, awarding CCs in the breed since 1987. I also specialise in the Gundog Breeds, Judge Groups and have judged B.I.S. and All Varieties at Open Show level.

Horses are another of my passions, and I hold a certificate in Equine Psychology, in which I mark papers for the Animal Care College for a syllabus in 3 levels which leads to accreditaion and is part of the Open College Network. The Arab stallion OXENPILLS PROFESSOR stood here at Pilsdon Kennels, along the Welsh Section B stallion, BUSHMERE MEISSEN.

I still have two Arabs, OXENPILLS INSPIRATION and OXENPILLS TWISTER, and have bred several ponies now in Driving homes.

For several years, I had a successful singing career, taking leading roles in county opera groups, along with a choral repertoire. Sopranos don't last forever, though, particularly the "Queen of the Night" and I now only sing for enjoyment with a chamber choir of retired semi-professionals, The Trinity Singers, who maintain a high standard.

My knees prevent me from showing my dogs to advantage, but the kennel is still active and producing healthy puppies, albeit occasionally these days.

I am a Kennel Club Accredited Breeder and, as in past years, continue to work to the highest standards.

I care about the dogs I produce.

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